The ability to edit articles inside the hub using direct URL or first step to book editor

By Maxim Skripnik on 1 June 2015 at @MaximSkripnik  0 thanks

<p>Last update of PillarHub application brought functionality to edit existing article by inserting into browsers URL string full path to it with "/edit" prefix. You can find source code that allows doing it with a detail analysis below.</p>

Implementation of book editor for PillarHub application

By Maxim Skripnik on 29 November 2014 at @MaximSkripnik under #pillarhub, #book, #compiler   0 thanks

<p>Hello everyone! My name is Maxim Skripnik and I'm going to introduce you my third year prebachelor work. It is connected with Pharo and web application programming so I hope you will find it interesting.</p>