Basic tests for new Pharo collections

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A Multi-dictionary for Pharo Smalltalk

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Worklow of developing new collections for Pharo

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Greetings everyone. In my previous article I introduced the idea of my project which called "New Collections for Pharo". So far I've done a review of current fundamental collections of Pharo language, and determined the places for the new ones.

How to get new collections through Monticello browser

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Recently i started my project which had a goal of making new collections for Pharo(project on smalltalkhub). You can read more about that here.

Places of the new Pharo collections in the current hierarchy

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Greetings everyone. My name is Alexander, I'm from computer science department of Tomsk State University, Russia. Currently, I'm on the 3rd course of my bachelor's degree, and I'm going to make a project related with Smalltalk and Pharo world.