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How to get new collections through Monticello browser

Recently i started my project which had a goal of making new collections for Pharo(project on smalltalkhub). You can read more about that here.

In this article i want to make a tutorial for you. It will explain you how to work with the source code of my project using Pharo built-in tool called Monticello browser.

  1. Open the Monticello browser from the World menu. Click on the +Repository and choose HTTP.
  2. In the next window type the following in the location: http://smalltalkhub.com/mc/OBrenchev/NewPharoCollections/main

3. Here it is! Now you can load the desired version of the package to you system.

Also there is a way to get a new collections package with Gofer. To do this, simply evaluate this code in a Workspace:

Gofer new
	package: 'VerySimpleLinkedList';
0.1. How to get new collections with Gofer

I hope this little tutorial will be useful for you. Thanks for everyone.

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