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About PillarHub

PillarHub is an open platfrom for sharing documents which are written on Pillar markup. The idea is to have a place where you may put pillar-formated documents and have a public link on them. This instance of PillarHub is hosted on Pharocloud and open to be used by anyone so you are welcomed to try it right away!

The project main goal is to provide a documentation hosting for projects developed on Pharo. We took our inspiration from Ramon Leon's blog which is a great source of valid information. We wanted to make something like it available to everyone by using smalltalk tools. So it is more or less like shared blog for all the community.

On other hand PillarHub is an open software and anyone can download, change or run instance localy. Project uses SandstoneDb so no external services needed for PillarHub instance to run. You may fetch sources at PillarHub project at SmalltakHub. You are also welcomed to contribute to the project. We will gladly update this server with your ideas :)

1. Features

1.1. Online Pillar editor with an instant preview

We used Ace to build online editor of Pillar documents. It is connected to Pillar backend which compiles and shows the document to you in real time.

Check it out:

1.1. Online Pillar Editor

1.2. Image hosting

PillarHub provides a hosting for images of your articles out of the box. Uploaded images are available for use in Pillar markup with following statement:


This allows in future to have a function to download archive with pillar article and all the attachements back to your computer.

1.3. Importing existing Pillar-documents from file

You can import your existing pillar-markup files directly to a new PillarHub artilce.

1.4. Links for articles, hubs, tags

Each hub is a namespace for articles and available by "clean url". The convention is very straight forward:

http://pillarhub.pharocloud.com/hub/<hubname>/<article identifier>?tag=<tag>

For instance PillarHub own hub is availble at http://pillarhub.pharocloud.com/hub/pillarhub.

PillarHub tutorials are available at http://pillarhub.pharocloud.com/hub/pillarhub?tag=tutorial.

1.5. Drafts

The editor is saving an article in realtime to a draft, so the partialy edited article is not published.

2. Future Plan

2.1. Shared hubs

One great feature is to have posibility for several users to manage one hub. So you can imagine some "shared" hubs like "pharocloud" or "seaside".

We can also imagine some pull-request process in order to "send" articles to a shared hub. In this case we can have a moderated and reviewed hubs.

2.2. Versioning and merging

Versining and merging should be really easy to implement once we have shared hubs.

2.3. GitHub integration

It would be cool to configure github connection for backing up hub articles.

2.4. Book compilation

Book entity is planed to be implemented. Book is a tree-like container of articles which compile to one big document. We plan fully automate the process so there is no need to mess with GitBooks.

2.5. Export to PDF

Export articles and books to pdf is one of the cool features which goes with Pillar. We will add the button to download PDF version of the article/book.

2.6. Design

We need someone who can adjust Bootstrap theme for PillarHub for it to have some identity.

2.7. RSS-feed

3. Contributors

This project is developed by Mike Filonov (mikefilonov@smalltalkhub) and Alexey Fateev (Ep1CoN@smalltalkhub).

Alexey has successfully presented his part of work at Tomsk State University in order to get his bachelor of computer science degree. Let's congratulate him :)

4. See more

Take a look at Alexey's article on PillarHub internals:


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