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Installing your own copy of PillarHub

1. Sources access

PillarHub is an open software anyone can use or modify it. The code is published under MIT license which is the same that is used for Pharo itself. You may find sources of PillarHub at SmalltalkHub via this link:


2. Installing PillarHub by code

You may run a local version of PillarHub just by exectuting following code in a clean Pharo3 Image:

Gofer it
    url: 'http://smalltalkhub.com/mc/mikefilonov/PillarHub/main' username: ''  password: ''; 
    package: 'ConfigurationOfPillarHub';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfPillarHub) loadDevelopment.

(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfPillarHub) new postLoad.

This will download and install all the dependencies to your local image and start PillarHub instance at http://localhost:8080/

As PillarHub is based on SandstoneDb no database setup required and PillarHub may be used right after the installation.

3. One-click Image

PillarHub has a job at INRIA continious integration server so you may download a fresh build of one-click image from their site.

The latest build is available by this link:

PillarHub One Click Image Build

So just donwload, unarchive and run it on a Pharo VM. PillarHub will start on http://localhost:8080 immediately after.

4. Running on Pharocloud

Pharocloud is capable of running PillarHub. For example this instance of PillarHub is running on a standard Pharo Starter appliance. You may run your own hosted PillarHub using "Upload image archive" function on Image tab of your appliance config.

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