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PillarHub update 20.07.2014

The new PillarHub features are just released: Shared Hub and "thanks" buttons. Check this memo for more information.

1. Shared hubs

Now it is possible to create a shared hub which may be accessed by several users. To create a shared hub just follow this steps:

  1. click on '+ hub' button in "My Documents" page,
  2. choose a name for the hub,
  3. create hub and go to "settings" page,
  4. add personal hub names of all editors you with to access this hub

1.1. Screncast

2. "Thanks" button

You may have noticed blue buttons on the main page with "0 thanks" label. It is an easy way to show that you are interested in the article or you found it useful. When we have a database of thanks we will start ordering articles regarding the interest to the article so that most important articles will be on the main page of pillar hub.

The button will work for you if you login to pillarhub with Mozilla Persona.

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